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la nord janvier 2005
josh kerr
surf rushes 2005
quik pro france 2004

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dvd cover : winter/spring 2005 DVD-R UNSPONSORED (2006)
tagline :

Is surfing sport or art ?
This short movie in two parts tries to look at those two approaches.

duration : 10 minutes

watch an extract :
intro - part II

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2nd Redsand SurfArt Movie Festival 2006
Price : free for any order > 10€ (without s&h)
dvd cover : hossegor summer 2005 DVD-R Hossegor Summer 2005
tagline :

Ultraviolence ! Enjoy the action of crowded beachbreaks from southwest france.
Watch the future talents having fun during grommets trophy,
WQS surfers mad at La Gravière, and Kelly Slater en route for its 7th crown.

duration : 40 minutes
bonus : nearly 1h30 with 2 movies of surf tripping in morroco, snowboarding and short films, including stop motion "the antipope" - "kinder surprise race"

watch an extract :
kelly slater and friends - chemical graviere

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Screenshots from the dvd :
hossegor la graviere la graviere barrel arnaud darriguade kelly slater la graviere cut back rip curl pro superseries adriano de souza anglet airshow crisanto peterson king of the groms luke stedman and dave mailman la graviere stylish screen cutting jake paterson
Soundtrack : Summer2005 - Mickey's demo
Surfers : Ozzie Wright, Bruce Irons, Pedro Henrique, Fred Patachia, Gilberto from Gilberto Wax Patrick Beven, Marc Lacomare, Wiggolly Dantas, Killian Raust, Tamaroa Mc Comb, Crisanto Peterson, Owen Wright, Alejo Munis, Izuki Tanaka , Luke Stedman, Steve Clements, Nick Muscroft, Shaun Cansdell, Josh Kerr, Adriano De Souza, Ola Elagram, Nathaniel Curran, Jamie O'Brien, Jeremie Flores, Jean Charles Debray, Alain Riou, Arnaud Darrigade , Laurent Pujol, Frédéric Robin, Mikael Picon, Gerard Bensoussan, Tim Reyes, Adrian Buchan, Hira Terinatoofa, Kelly Slater, Luke Egan, Andy Irons, Greg Emslie, Tim Curran , Marc Occiluppo, Taj Burrow, Victor Ribas, Shane Beshen, Phil Mac Donald, Jake Paterson, Bobby Martinez, Caroline Brecy, Stéphane Martaux, Lagaf' :-), Tara Reid, Rudy Maréchal , Thierry Organoff, Olivier Martinez, Laurent Masurel, Christophe Dimulle

Price : 9,90 €
dvd cover : winter/spring 2005 DVD-R Hossegor Winter/Spring 2005
tagline :

If you're tired of over-hyped surfing movies that have 2 helicopters and 3 jetskis to shoot the same air on a 2 feet wave, welcome !
With no budget, this movie made for surfers by a surfer was an award winning last year in france, getting to the top two of every contest it participated in. Featuring the infamous day of january 13th, which many Hossegor connoisseurs said the most massive-perfect day in France for 10 years.

duration : 25 minutes
bonus : 1h of surfing action among other surprises :
Hossegor summer 2004 - DJ Magid Live @ La Scene

watch an extract :
la nord

more info/screenshots >
1st Redsand SurfArt Movie Festival 2005
2nd EUROSIMA "fête du surf" video contest 2005

Screenshots from the dvd :
patrick beven la nord 13 janvier 2005 vvf capbreton tim frager santosha capbreton capbreton sunset baptiste causseque patrick beven alley oop fred ducez barrel shark attack patrick beven guillaume bache marc lacomare bela lugosi
Soundtrack : Winter/Spring - Summer 2004
Featured Surfers : Matthias Oueld El Maallem, Marc Lacomare, Paul Merceron, Fabrice Gelez, Romain Gens, Tom Frager, PV Laborde, Manu Basse, Olivier (Würtz), Guillaume, Nicolas, Vince, Daniel Germain, Guillaume Mangiarotti, Rémy De Ropa, Rudy Maréchal, Jean Sarthou, Guillaume Baché, Arnaud Darrigade, Baptiste Causseque, Patrick Beven, Abdel El Harim, Hugo Benghozi, Odeï Collazo, Greg Bretes, Fred Ducez, Yann Benetrix, Volo, Frank Erhard, Hervé Barreux, Pierre Louis Costes, Sébastien Saint Jean, Philippe Toulan, Pilule, Scalp, Tim Frager ...
Price : 9,90 €
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